REALM - Sequel to RIFT coming soon!

What really happens when one man gets to relive the last twenty years?

Dr. Daniel Jacobs wakes up as his younger self in his distant past. Once the shock wears off, he’s left to consider the possibilities. Does he have the power to save his son? To save his marriage? To save himself? The good doctor must speed ahead not knowing the extent to which he can alter outcomes, not knowing the long-term consequences of his decisions, and fearing he may simply be doomed to relive the misery. 

As he rethinks each important decision, Daniel is hamstrung by a selective and faulty memory, and the intense pressure to make perfect choices starts to wear on him. His devotion to his family bleeds towards obsession, and his insistence, even if for their own good, is not well-received.

His wife, Kate, rebels and goes in search of her own self-worth, while his son Andrew simply seems lost. Andrew is crippled by the love-hate relationship with an overbearing patriarch, and struggles in his father’s dark shadow. Meanwhile, Daniel continues to bear the full brunt of a heavy burden. He sees himself as the ultimate provider and protector, and resents any implication to the contrary.

Can this family truly be saved? Can they reconcile before it’s too late, or will there be a reckoning none of them see coming?

In this sequel to my debut novel, REALM is the story about being careful what we wish for. How the best intentions can bring about unintended consequences and how even the best laid plans fall victim to simple human flaws and frailty. It’s a story where a supernatural event reveals the all too familiar problems that plague the human mind and human relationships, and shows the sometimes brutal choice between change and acceptance.


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